Why egg?

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Why egg?

In the way that an egg is a sort of beginning, so is a poem. It’s the perfectly packaged sustenance that starts a morning. The egg is pure potential, and one can do so much with just one egg.

Why weekly?

There are countless ways to read a poem. One is to expand it from within, line by line, until words become worlds. It takes more than one reading.

That’s why you get a week.

We’re busy people. A poem a day is nice in theory, but not when that email goes straight to your trash. Get egg on the weekly for a more manageable poetry fix.

Why online?

We support the art of poetry. We believe in the poets writing today. And we believe that poetry should be accessible.

We like to interact with art in a meaningful, relevant way, so we thought other people might like to as well.

Why poems at all?

This question is up to you. One of the many reasons we read poems: they slow us down. Even if the pause lasts no longer than a line break, it’s a step back from fast-paced life, a moment to consider.

Consider what? Your next meal, the meaning of life, the hole in your right sock.

We deliver egg. Read it however you want.